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Review of Out in the Cold World, July, 1998

"Some of my favorite CD's of the past few years have been the old-time duets of Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin and Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss: add to these the names of Kim & Jim Lansford, a Missouri couple who have here a lovely album that is strong both vocally & instrumentally. Their vocal duets are bold and authoritative whithout being affected and Jim Lansford is no slouch instrumentally, providing some excellent guitar work on Railroad Blues and Brown's Ferry Blues as well as solid fiddle, mandolin and old-time banjo..."
Dave Freeman
County Records
County Sales Newsletter #226

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"It has been a very long time indeed since I have been as impressed with performers new to me as I was the first time I heard Kim and Jim Lansford...................... Another excellent feature of their music is the fact that they do not fall into the trap of fossilising the old tunes by simply copying them. 'We don't get too wrapped up in imitating the sounds of the old guys,' agrees Kim. 'There has always been room within the tradition for us to find our own voice.'"
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John Atkins
Country Music People
June 2004

"Jim and Kim Lansford are treasures of the traditional music world. Their combination of instrumental wizardry, paint-peeling vocals and impeccable taste leaves listeners dazzled and hungry for more. They are my favorite duo, bar none."
Joe Newberry 1996-97 Program Director CDSS Folk Music Week Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA

"...They fit together musically like a hand in a well-fitted glove."
Bob Buckingham in Fiddler Magazine Winter, 1996-97

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture "

~ Steve Martin

www.frootsmag.com"From somewhere else entirely, is the home-produced CD by Jim and Kim Lansford, a husband and wife duet from Southwest Missouri. They are not from the gentle tradition of The Blue Sky Boys, but the strain of country music that comes from a deeper part of the soul. Their music is simply stunning with voices, in particular Kim Lansford's, that could come from no other tradition with the heart and soul of the likes of Molly O Day, Wilma Lee Cooper, Jeanette Cooke, Suzanne Thomas and others. They find some great old songs and tunes; their harmony singing is simply sublime and their playing, in particular Jim who is equally at home on any of the acoustic instruments, a perfect foil. This is one of those rare CDs that turns up every few years just to remind you that someone, sometime, someplace started a great tradition that will never die."

~John Atkins
fROOTS MAGAZINE April 2004 No. 250

"Practice every time you get a chance. "

~Bill Monroe

"Recieved your wonderful C.D. Call your Dogs. I love your C.D. To-morrow I will be sending for your other C.D. Out in the Cold World. You and your Wife sure do harmonize beautiful to-geather, good old time music, not the Junk they call Country Music now days, I am 82 years old and love your music. I can not stop playing your C.D. Thank you so much. I don't know where they have kepth you hidden for so long."
Ernest Zimmerman...Coon Rapids, Mn.

"I wanted to thank you so much for sending your CDs! I had a chance to listen to them for the first time today, and I was truly blown away! Why haven't I heard of you guys?? Really, I haven't listened much yet to "Out in the Cold World" (I will) but listened all day to "Call Your Dogs" and I was really, really impressed. Technical expertise at your level is rare enough but even rarer are musicians who play so well and with such soul and feeling. I'll be spreading the word!
Thanks again!!"
Old-Time, All the Time

The Old-Time Herald"Jim demonstrates his affinity for the playing of northern Missouri-style fiddle players like Cyril Stinnet and Casey Jones and also the playing of Bob Walters of Nebraska...Jim's own playing is impeccable--always in tune, smooth and precise, but never at the expense of drive...Kim's piano playing is robust and forceful.. an integral part of the music. She's always on the money--not your average "boom-chuck" back-up here as she weaves in and out around Jim's fiddling using just the right bass runs and harmonic fills...Highly recommended"

Jim Nelson
Review of
' 'New Harmony'
Fall 1997
Old-Time Herald


Jim and Kim Lansford
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