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Kim & Jim and the sheepThe old-timers say that Stone County, Missouri, was named for a pioneer family, but there’s no denying that it is pretty rocky.  People who live in less rugged parts of Missouri all pretend to look down on Stone County.  A lawyer in Springfield less than fifty miles north told me solemnly that Stone County was not only the most poverty-ridden county in the state, but “headquarters for the biggest liars in America.”  I objected mildly, remarking that I had “heard different.” The man shook his head.  “You can hear anything in Stone County,” said he, “except the truth and bacon a-fryin’.” 
Randolph, V. (1951).  We always lie to strangers:  tall tales from the ozarks.  New York:  Columbia University Press.

"Without tradition art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd.
Without innovation it is a corpse. "

~Winston Churchill
3 little lambs The Meadow Little black lamb

Alfred Ford, ca. 1865-1958

Alfred Ford lived in the Missouri Ozarks near Galena, located in Stone County.  Back in the old days, he was well-known for making oak baskets, for hunting and trapping, and for being a crack shot.  Ory Tolbert and Jesse James (no relation to the outlaw) proprietors of the Corner Gas Station in Reeds Spring, MO until the 1970’s, loved to quote and tell tales about Alfred Ford:

Alfred Ford on shooting squirrels:  Folks’d always say you got that palsy--how can you shoot so many squirrels the way you do--you always shoot ‘em right in the head!  An’ he’d say:  I catch ‘em on the wobble!

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