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Swamp Lake Reel
A tune from Canadian fiddler Don Messer.  Casey Jones (d. 1967), a northwest Missouri fiddler also played this tune and called it Shull Creek.

The Jaunting Car
I found this old tune in One Thousand Fiddle Tunes published by M.M. Cole in 1940.  I later heard it on a home recording of Canadian fiddler Tommy Doucet.

Black Sally Goodin
This tune is attributed to Bill Caton, a black fiddler from Callaway County in central Missouri.  It appears in R.P. Christeson's collection of tunes, The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory.  Christeson recalls hearing Caton's fiddling during the late 1920's.

Old Joe
I have played this tune for many years and have heard different versions of it from all over the country.  My favorite one is played by Nebraska fiddler Bob Walters (d. 1960) on the recording that accompanies volume 1 of Christeson's collection.

Art Wooten's Quadrille/
Oyster River Quadrille

Two 6/8 tunes from Christeson's Repertory, collected from Bob Walters

Old Sport/The Baker
Old Sport comes from Cole's.  The baker was composed by Scottish violin virtuoso J. Scott Skinner (1843-1903) and appears in two of his compositions of Scottish dance music, The Scottish Violinist and The Harp and Claymore.   Skinner composed "Angus Campbell," a tune commonly heard in the midwest.   His motto was "Talent does what it can; genius does what it must."   A great fiddler and a very humble man.

The Dead Slave
Another tune from Christeson's collection

Otto's Waltz
I learned this waltz from a recording called "Old Time Barn Dance" by the Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble.  I was familiar with the playing of Craig Ruble, their fiddler, through a solo recording of his that I found years ago in Hawaii.  He made three additional solo recordings of beautiful Scandinavian-American tunes before his untimely death in 1992.

Lost Indian/Hudson's Bay
This version of Lost Indian is from Christeson.  Hudson's Bay is a tune from Canadian fiddler John Durocher.

The New Lamb
An original tune named for a lamb born during a record cold spell.   Perhaps the tune will last longer than the lamb.

Trafalgar Hornpipe
From Cole's.

Cognitive Jig/
Corn on the Road
Two original 6/8 tunes.

Forester's Hornpipe
From The New England Fiddler's Repertoire.  The tune is also in Original Dances, Walzes & Hornpipes for the Violin, by M. Higgens, published in 1829 under the name of "Greenfields."  The book was reprinted by the Missouri State Old-Time Fiddler's Association (MSOTFA).

Sunday Night Reel/Poppy Leaf Hornpipe/Ivy Leaf Reel
Sunday Night Reel is an original from Springfield, Missouri fiddler Art Galbraith.  I learned many tunes from Art and have long admired the good taste and grace of his playing.  Art passed away in 1993.  I learned Poppy Leaf from a recording of Canadian fiddler Jean Carignan.  It is also in Cole's.  I originally got Ivy Leaf from George C. Coe's Album of Jigs and Reels published in the 1880's.  Coe's version is called "Johnson's Reel."  The tune is also in Cole's, under the name of Ivy Leaf.

Coming Through the Rye
From the fine playing of Missouri fiddler Lyman Enloe.

Niagra Hronpipe/Middletown Hornpipe
I learned this version of Niagra from Tommy Doucet, whom I imagine got it from Cole's.  Middletown comes from the M. Higgens reprint.

Done Home Waltz
A beautiful waltz I learned from Art Galbraith.  I have heard other versions of this, but not as nice as his.

New Harmony/The Bride's Reel
New Harmony is from the Higgins reprint.  The Bride's was composed by James Scott Skinner.


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